Perforated Stainless steel sheets are sheets of steel that are perforated or punched in such a way that they have holes in them. These are used as kitchen drawers where cutlery has to be stored. Perforated Stainless steel are the ones that have a lot of symmetrical holes punched in them so that they represent a particular intricate pattern. The patterns on such sheets are not similar or homogenous three are slight differences that exist at all times. The pattern changes are modified and classified based on the holes, the size of the holes and the positioning of such holes.

Types and Designs of perforated stainless sheets:

These sheets are very easy to handle and are versatile. Made of coil these have a width of up to 60 inches and can be of any length.

  • This makes them very durable and flexible. Non standards sizes can be customized at any point of time depending on the needs and requirements of clients.
  • The length of these sheets doesn’t cross 250 inches due to the fact that there are no difficulties or complications in shipping forth the material from one place to another.
  • The fact that these sheets are flattened in the first place means that shipment importance is paramount here. It’s a well-known fact that flat sheets are much easy to ship from one place to another.

Various designs and shapes of sheets available in the market:

There are varied design patterns of perforated stainless steel sheets. These are sleek and pleasing to the eye. More than two thousand patterns of perforates stainless sheets can be created and categorized under six brief headings which are –

perforated stainless steel sheet

  1. Round patterns – These can be 60deg or 40 deg or straight sheets
  2. Squared patterns – These can be staggered or straight
  3. Geometric patterns – These perforated stainless steel sheets are characterized by means of their geometrical shapes such as rectangular or quadrilateral or square etc.
  4. Decorative patterns – These perforated stainless steels are usually patterned in the shape of tiles for aesthetic effect enhancements
  5. Modern patterns – These are the patterns and designs developed in the 21st century and these encompass the round orbited shape and the double checkered, square orbited shape and the hex orbited shapes, etc.
  6. Slot patterns – These comprise the round straight, the round staggered and the square straight

Uses of perforated Stainless Steel Sheets

  • One of the most popular uses of perforated stainless sheets is in the field of architecture. This line is evolving now and is in the need of dynamic products. Product stagnation is unheard of in the field of stainless steel sheets and this is where they absolutely fit in.
  • The perforated stainless sheets are used as sunscreens or sun guards with the patterns that are apt for filtration and control of sunlight.

Other domestic and commercial use of the perforated stainless steel sheet:

These sheets can also be used as cabinet door infill’s that increase the strength and whilst doing so does not increase the weight. These can be used also as railing infill’s and add on to the structure. In this process there is no increase in the mass. In fact the mass lowers. These are hugely used in construction as they can be used as column covers. Radiators can be fitted in with the stainless steel covers to allow for increased efficiency and ventilation at all times. This saves energy consumption. Perforated stainless steel is the most versatile decorative metal. It can be used to manufacture light fixtures. This makes these fixtures more appealing and at the same time this helps in heat dissemination. Finally, the sheets are also used for enhancing the look of office spaces.