Office vending machines may seem insignificant on the surface, but a growing amount of data collected from employee well-being and happiness surveys and research, hint that the opposite is true. Staff morale and employee productivity are closely linked and the humble office vending machine can, in fact, positively affect productivity by more than 30%.

There are several ways in which the office vending machine affects staff morale and productivity:

Staff morale

When staff feel valued, morale rises and this improves interoffice working relationships and improved customer interactions, be they face-to-face or over the telephone. In order to create an atmosphere where staff feel valued, it is important to consider the vending machine and what it vends.

The latest Office vending machines have been developed to replicate the high-end coffee shop experience, which has become a standard of the high street. Today’s tabletop vending machine can deliver top quality ingredients such as freshly ground coffee beans. Larger free-standing vending machines can deliver healthier snacks, fresh food, hot drinks and cans.

The result, is a workforce that feels refreshed, can concentrate and have high energy levels.

Staff productivity

Staff productivity is boosted with the convenience of office vending, which more often than not, results in employees staying on site during breaks and lunch. Time savings occur through removing the manual and timely processes of boiling the kettle, cleaning mugs and providing fresh ingredients such as milk.

If the office environment is fast-paced, then soluble drinks products can be dispensed in seconds, reducing queuing when breaks are scheduled for large numbers of employees at the same time.

Reduced overheads

The office vending machine can keep overheads down with businesses not needing to provide canteen staff. When shift patterns stretch beyond the standard working hours, the vending machine continues to provide the same benefits, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Office vending machines can be managed in a number of ways. The machine can be purchased and run in-house or it can be restocked by a vending machine provider.

There are several factors to consider when replacing or introducing a new vending machine. Firstly, consider the size of the business, the number of staff and the break schedule to ascertain if a high-volume high-capacity vending machine is needed.

A business also needs to consider if the vending machine will offer free vend or be required to handle coin and note purchases.

In the UK, according to the latest research, almost half of all staff feel undervalued. So maybe it is time for businesses to consider if the vending machine is the missing link.