As a gardener, you would surely want your plants to grow healthily. Hence, pest control is essential to ensure that your plants are free from pests. However, before you can come up with the most effective pest control plan, you will need to identify the problems that cause the damage. Below is a list of the most destructive garden insects and how you can get rid of them.

  1. Cutworms

Cutworms are insects that attack the stems of flower seedlings and early vegetables like beets and cabbage at night. They often eat the buds, fruit, and leaves of plants. To get rid of them, place plant collars around the stems of your plants. Also, get rid of anything that can provide shelter to the developing larvae.  If you have eggshells in your kitchen, place them around your plants.

  1. Aphids

These insects feed in clusters on plant sap with their sucking mouthparts. As a result, the leaves of the plants turn yellow or wilt. They can attack the roots of plants and so, they can make plants shrivel and eventually, die. In order to get rid of aphids, apply garlic or hot pepper repellent spray on your plants. The use of horticultural oils may also be a great help. You can also use floating row covers as additional protection.

  1. Flea Beetles

Flea beetles often attack vegetable crops, trees, flowers, and even ornamental shrubs, leaving the plant’s leaves with “shoot holes”. They are small and shiny beetles that jump just like fleas. They lay their eggs at the plant stem’s base during early summer. You need to get rid of them as early as possible as they can spread diseases on your plants. You can create your homemade spray by mixing 5 parts of water, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap, and 2 parts of rubbing alcohol. Spray them on your plant’s foliage. You can also consider planting peppermint as they can repel flea beetles.

  1. Caterpillars

Although they may look harmless, caterpillars actually damage vegetable crops. They may even kill young plants. This is why early detection is necessary. If you have noticed holes in your crops’ leaves, then that is a sign of caterpillar infestation. You can get rid of them by using insect barrier fabrics to cover your plants. Also, remove the damaged leaves and encourage native predators in your garden.

  1. Earwigs

Earwigs can be both beneficial and harmful.  They are beneficial as they can eat garden pests including mites and aphids. However, they can also be harmful to your garden as they eat vegetable and ornamental plants including strawberries, lettuce, and roses. Apart from damaging your garden, they can also mess up with your home. Therefore, it would be best to control them before things get out of hand. Place a cloth beneath the infested plant and then shake its branches so that the insects would fall on the cloth, allowing you to dispose of them.

Final Thoughts

The next time your garden shows any sign of pest infestation, try out the methods discussed above to control the problem once and for all.