There are so many reasons to include fitted wardrobes in your renovation plans.  Here we’ll explore just some of those:

  1. The result will be entirely bespoke

As you work with your chosen supplier you will be choosing those features which are an asset to you and discarding those not of use to you.

Do you find that a standard wardrobe gives you insufficient space to store your accessories or long dresses?  With a fitted wardrobe, you can ensure that your exact needs are catered for.   More drawers, fewer shelves or hanging space for your jumpsuits can all be easily included in the design for your new bespoke fitted wardrobe.  Your design can also be made customisable so you can alter the layout at a later date.

Such a bespoke design can allow for a dressing table or full length mirror, perhaps in the inside of one of the doors if space saving is a concern.  Fitted wardrobes can be worked into awkward spaces to maximise the benefit of every corner of your home.

  1. Maximise your storage

Despite the range of free-standing wardrobes sold on the market there will only ever be the sizes most commonly needed available.  An item of furniture created just for you complements your home and the existing pieces of furniture you have.

No space is wasted with a fitted robe, they can be made to blend into the background of your room or make a bold style statement.  A floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe offers you the space to store items used more infrequently such as suitcases or wedding hats neatly and safely.  This, together with the advantage of no longer needing to dust the tops of freestanding units.

  1. Light up your clothes

Do you have to delve blindly into the back of your existing wardrobe to find things, is it difficult to distinguish between black and navy?  Fitted wardrobes can have lighting incorporated within the wardrobe.  Triggered by the opening of the door your closet will be automatically illuminated with the light going out again when the door is closed

  1. To compliment or coordinate

What are the chances that the off the shelf wardrobe will be just the right shade, material or finish to coordinate with your existing furniture?  Gold handles a slightly different shade, who knew there were so many shades of white!  With a bespoke product, you determine exactly the materials used and assure yourself that you will achieve the look you are aiming for.

  1. Adding value to your home

A set of fitted robes are an asset to your home and become a part of it.  Investing in fitted wardrobes allows you to enjoy all the benefits already listed here but with the added benefit of knowing that if you choose to sell your home they will be feature prized by prospective buyers.  Versa Robes can visit you to discuss the available options with you.  You may have your own ideas of how best to use the space, if not do not worry.  Versa Robes can guide you with the benefit of their experience with hundreds of happy customers.

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