So, you like the coworking environment. But are you a good choice for a workspace? In a collaborative office, every worker must join in creating a productive atmosphere. So what can you do to become a better worker? If you planning of using best coworking space, why not use Bridgeworks Long Beach co working today. Read the five tips below and you can easily become one of the most beloved guys in the office … maybe.

  1. Respect the space

Cooperation is about sharing space. Therefore, the space you make is all it contains. It is important to treat a workplace with respect. Because when you respect to space, others will respect you.

Keep your office clean and tidy, take it before leaving for the day, and think about the property of others in the space. Offer to do more work around the space you usually do. This may mean removing the garbage from the dishwasher, locking up after work, replacing toilet paper and making coffee more than others. In addition, do not monopolize bandwidth, meeting room and space. These are small things that make the difference, and everything starts with the space in which you work.

  1. Real colleagues

If you are posted in a workspace and consider it as your own office, you may not be in the right place. Cooperation offices are built for communication, so keep in mind that you are strongly encouraged to get in touch with people around you. Bounce ideas from other colleagues, give expert advice to those who ask for it and encourage people around you to work hard.

  1. Make coffee

Coffee makes the world fall, especially in a workspace. In a co-op office, making tea and coffee for everyone becomes a valuable activity. A golden rule? Never leave coffee empty. Let the coffee dry all day and your colleague will be happy to be together. Bridgeworks Long Beach coworking is the best coworking I can recommend for you due to their best treatment offer.

  1. Treat your colleagues

To be your favorite colleague, just do one simple thing: bring treats. The office loves to have occasional treatment once and for all. They provide a great “break” for a hard worker and a drug for people with a sweet tooth. Bring cookies, cupcakes, fruit and even office items to share with others. And if it’s someone’s birthday, bring a special for that person. The treatments bring happiness to an office environment.

  1. Turn down the volume

If there is anything that annoys your colleagues at work, it’s a disgusting volume. A workspace should provide the right balance of sound to do the job efficiently, but are you disturbing the peace?

If you want to play your own music, it is best to wear a helmet. Having multiple songs in one office can cause headaches for everyone. Plus, if you’re planning a long conference call, it’s best to take her to a meeting room for more privacy. Keep your voice at an honorable level throughout the workday.

Implement these 5 tips in your daily work and you are sure to be at least annoying, give the best treatment, make a bounce-idea, offer coffee in the office. And who does not want that?