If your business or commercial property has a water system, you could be asking for trouble. Water hygiene is more important than ever before, as it could impact your business legally, health-wise and financially.

Why is a water system so important to my business?

By water system, this could be running water, heating, air conditioning or water storage, all of which could be compromised by legionella. In the United Kingdom, there have been several cases of water-borne legionella causing death, business closure, legal damages and of course, business suspension and/or closure.

Companies and commercial building owners have a ‘duty of care’ under Health and Safety legislation to protect the welfare and health of their employees and customers.

Clearly, if your business has any sort of water treatment, storage or distribution system, it could be prudent to undertake a Risk Assessment by a specialist water treatment company.

What do I need a Water Risk Assessment company for?

Water Risk Assessment companies are essential for investigating, reporting and control of legionella risks. A Risk Assessment will assess your existing water system, and advise accordingly hot to keep your water supply safe, clean and compliant to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s approved code of practice.

It could be for instance, that your water system does not have a problem – but you still need a water Risk Assessment. The reason being, the Risk Assessment shows you have undertaken your obligations under Health and Safety law to at least consider the risk of legionella contamination.

A Water Risk Assessment will advise you on legionella control measures, along with the risks your business could be operating under. Legionnaire’s Disease can be contracted by inhalation the legionella bacteria, and could be fatal. Not only could your business activity be suspended to Health and Safety breaches, but you could also be prosecuted – either through civil or criminal courts.

Clearly, taking proactive steps to implement a water Risk Assessment by a specialist water treatment company is a far better solution than risking the future of your business.

Is a water Risk Assessment all I’m likely to need?

To be clear, every company has an obligation to undertake a Risk Assessment if there is the chance of legionella or other contamination in its water system. Neglecting undertaking a Risk Assessment could have very serious complications.

In addition to a Risk Assessment, it may be the case that your company needs to undertake further reports, sampling or corrective measures to resolve any problems. By using a specialist water treatment company, you can be reassured that your business – and your employees and customers – have the best protection against legionella.

Sometimes further investigations identify issues with water treatment and distribution systems, such as faulty heating systems. By hiring a specialist water treatment company, improvement measures can be identified to resolve any such issues.

In conclusion, a water Risk Assessment should be your first priority if your company, business or commercial property has any sort of water system.