A cloud-based HR system has numerous advantages over other options. Managers can receive and approve or deny leave requests without involving the Human Resources team, rosters and shifts can be automatically applied for and scheduled, expenses can be submitted online with photographed or scanned receipts. Everything is so much simpler, especially for companies wanting to streamline their operations and have auditable trails for everything.

Many companies of all sizes use cloud-based HR systems, including national organisations, firms with several offices and a headquarters, and those who employ contractors or freelancers.

WORKPLACEone software from PeopleCareHR is a multi-tasking cloud-based HR software solution to help busy companies track everything from absence to rewards. PeopleCareHR is part of Avantus Business Solutions Limited which has a portfolio of businesses covering human resources, employee benefits and financial services software solutions.

There are many versions of cloud-based HR software systems available, but they will all cover the same basic requirements – automation of standard personnel processes. Some systems have the option for individual employees to post their own updates to the company, while others will be more constrained, covering only leave requests, sickness records and shift patterns. This may depend on the size of the company, or the attitude of senior management. It’s possible to imagine a small IT company allowing employees to share their leave dates via cloud-based HR software, but in larger firms or public sector organisations this may be impossible due to the sheer numbers of staff employed.

HR management systems such as WORKPLACEone typically offer a free demonstration where one of the company’s sales team will come to the target customer’s premises and spend time explaining the system to relevant employees. Part of the attraction of cloud-based HR systems is the flexibility offered. Staff can use a variety of devices to log in and record hours worked, expenses incurred on the road and sickness as necessary, without the need to be in the office to do so. These packages can also act as a backup for appraisal and training documentation, by recording Continuous Personal Development goals and courses attended throughout the year. Some systems can be two way, with employees able to use a forum or messaging feature to request assistance, post notices or remind others of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or staff leaving dates.

A cloud-based HR system is usually completely customisable to any individual business, either through standard bolt-on options or bespoke development modules. Some of the latest software models even include an option to highlight workplace benefits or employee rewards, which works well in a target driven sales environment where the highest performers are rewarded with a bonus or a choice of corporate perks.

No matter what a company wants from its cloud-based HR system, there will be an option available to help existing staff streamline and record the processes of managing a workforce. The software providers will be happy to demonstrate and discuss the capabilities of their particular system to see whether it is a good fit for any potential customer.