For most businesses today, internet technologies are the cornerstone of efficiency and organisation in an interconnected system. Internet tech allows businesses to function with a higher level of effectiveness than ever before, especially when it comes to sharing information. However, keeping these networks secure is a lot easier said than done, which is why you need a reliable IT team to back up your business.

IT-related issues are very common, but they can be solved and managed by the right IT team. Choosing a reliable team for IT solutions in Singapore is key to business success and problem resolution. To learn more, here are the top five most common IT issues for businesses.

Spyware Infections

Spyware infections are one of the most common business concerns when it comes to IT. Usually spyware infects computers when the infection slips past firewall protections, usually through emails or web page browsing. Once detected, they must be removed and the protections must be updated. The best way to protect your company is to hire a competent IT team to help design security systems that block infections.

Security Breaches

Despite words like infection and virus being used interchangeably, there is a difference. Unlike spyware, viruses are designed to take your systems down instead of stealing information. This can easily lead to network downtime, which will cost your business time and money. Instead of waiting for this kind of situation to occur, you should always make sure you have the latest patches, virus definitions, and protection software. A dependable IT team will be able to help you keep your business in check all day, every day, year round.

Network Downtime

Any downtime that a company experiences costs money. Depending on the length and timing of the shutdown, it can end up costing a business significantly. In fact, a business can lose up to 1% of its total annual revenue during one unplanned downtime. Connectivity is critical to all types of business operations, from phones and computers to entire cloud and data infrastructures. Prevent unplanned network downtime by hiring an IT service that will ensure all downtimes are planned for your business convenience.

Lack of Monitoring and Reporting

If there isn’t a monitoring system in place for your business functions 24/7, things like spyware, pending hardware failures, and unapproved activities can easily go unnoticed. Many businesses either ignore issues or may be entirely unaware of them, which is why an IT team with full monitoring capabilities is so important for all businesses to keep things safe and secure.

Untested or Non-existent Backups

Last but not least, untested or non-existent backups are one of the most detrimental problems for businesses. If anything happens to your system, you’ll want to make sure that you have protected backups of all of your business information. A reliable IT team will be able to test backups and ensure that they are secured. That way, in the event that your system goes down or any other problem occurs, all company data will be stored and restorable.