This simple but very effective strategy is making the workplace a safer environment, especially in the Australian mining industry, has shown impressive reductions in work related accidents over the past 5 years. The system can be used in any industry, and with the right printed media, all the workforce will be reminded of the simple steps to take prior to commencing work.

The Process Explained

The steps that Take 5 uses are as follows:

  1. Stop – Engage your brain before you act.
  2. Look – Identify any hazards.
  3. Assess – What damage could those hazards cause?
  4. Manage – Implement and inform others.
  5. Safely complete the task.

What these 5 steps do is to make a person think before they act, and by having Take 5 safety booklets printed, all your employees will be fully versed in the procedure, and are much less likely to become complacent.

Online Printing Solutions

If you would like your employees to become aware of Take 5 safety and how it can reduce the risk of a work related accident, there are online companies that focus on digital printing for all aspects of safety media, whether it be the Take 5 safety booklet, or perhaps important safety warnings that might be in sticker form, and with their expert advice, you can be sure to have the best methods to educate your employees about safe working practices.

The Perfect Reminder

Once an employee gets into the routine of always following the 5 steps, it soon becomes second nature, and it can be applied anywhere, even at home. The information booklet can contain other essential safety information, and with every industry having its own unique requirements, it is possible to design and print the right information on the right media.

Take 5 Minutes to Think

In modern business, time is money and many workers are reluctant to take too much time on safety measures, for fear of not making the tight schedule, yetonly 5 minutes is certainly not going to cause any problems, and it could be the difference between life and death. The reminders should always be visible, and research has shown that correctly placed warning signs do make people think about what they are doing, and by making it standard practice, people tend to do it without thinking after a while.

Safety Workshops

Many companies send an employee to an outside safety seminar, and the information is then relayed to all the workers at a later date, and with new directives constantly being used, it makes sense to keep abreast with the latest safety information. As an employer, you are bound by law to adhere to government safety guidelines, and by enlisting the help of a digital printing company, you can soon have all the relevant safety information in a suitable format.

The take 5 system is so popular, it is used worldwide across a range of industries, and with many people adopting the process with everything they do, it helps to make the world a safer place for all.