No matter, how much theoretical knowledge you have about management, you can never see the face of wealth unless you master over the practical experience of management. Talking of Real-estate management or Real-estate investment, David Giunta is the name that shines out first. The credibility of this man in the field of Rea-estates is unparalleled. He is also a great investment advisor. With a twenty years experience in Real estate investment, development and management in his bag, Giunta is now the CEO of BlackPlum, LLC. However, before reaching his current profile, he has already worked as the CEO of several other renowned companies. Some of the most remarkable multi-million dollar investments that he has made are in Arizona, Phoenix and many such other locations throughout the California. The perfect tactics of investment and the ways to get a good return on them are something that Giunta has mastered in.

His recent foundations: Till the year 2008, David Giunta has worked as the President of the Investment Advisory Firm named Wealth Management, LLC.  This is one of the milestones of Giunta’s success. It has added to the experience basket of his life and paved the way for his current sparkling position. Right now, at BlackPlum ,LLC, Giunta deals with properties ranging from $ 5 million to $ 10 million. Giunta ensures a steady flow of income by investing into viable projects along with real-estate developers. He has the perfect wit and power of calculation to take the right decision in the case of the investments. Thus, if earning money is an art, then Giunta stands first in the list of such artists.

His Academic qualifications and early career: Very surprisingly, Giunta does not have a paramount profile in terms of academics. He is just a graduate of Ohio University and right after that he started working. So for him, all his qualifications of being a great manager is a bliss from his life. He had started his career with the renowned company called Arthur Anderson as a CPA. Thus his experiences are from the grass wood level to the mountain peaks. Therefore, he knows all ins and outs of the industry and nobody can mislead him into any kind of wrong decisions.

His personality and fancies: Being a well known and successful CEO, he has a bold, confident personality that reveals sincerity, perfection, and intelligence. He is also a good speaker, and his oratory skills help him to convince people into shaking their head in the affirmative for whatever he thinks is right. When he puts off his work for a break, he is a different person altogether. He is a regular Twitter freak and writes updates on everything interesting that he has perceived. He likes to travel and also a gluttonous food lover. Thus his updates on Twitter consist of lists of mouth-watering foods and also awesome places to visit. If you are a travelogue, then his blogs should definitely attract your attention.

Thus, he is a person who has all colours which have combined in a perfect ratio to give birth to a great personality that the world can see as a role model.