Finances are an integral and an inseparable part of an individual’s life, earning it may still be easy but managing it and taking care of it is definitely not an easy task. The management part is the most difficult when it comes to finances, where to invest, when to invest, which is the better option; all these questions are commonly encountered in the bid to organise one’s finances. It is thus, that the need for a financial advisor becomes very essential.

The job of financial advisor however, is rapidly becoming very common and being taken up by many people, which is why the quality of financial advisors is largely suffering. This is one good reason for you to thoroughly scrutinize any financial advisor that you wish to hire. The most reliable ones would be those who have several years of experience like David Barcomb, who has been in this profession for more than twenty years now. He is very capable of handling all issues of asset management, and planning strategies of investments as well.

While hiring any advisor for your finances you need to ask certain questions that will help you take the right decision for yourself. The first question should always be associated with the person’s experience. You should enquire how long he/she has been working as the primary financial advisor of clients directly. The longer the duration, the more is the experience.

The next question needs to be about how long has he been recommending the various products of investment and insurance. What comes next in the line of importance is to find out, how long has he been actively making financial plans for his clients. Remember this will help you understand whether he/ she is in practice or not; because there might be cases when the advisor has taken up this job as a part-time one and has been out of practice for quite some time.

The educational and qualification background of the person, as an advisor also need to be verified, so that you know that you are dealing with a certified person. Having a certification helps you rest assured that the person you are about to reveal your confidential matter to is trustworthy and useful. Once you know he is registered and certified you can be sure that he will know the nitty-gritties of the job well and you do not have to worry about any of the documentation process.

David Barcomb holds a dual license, one as an investment advisor and the other as a broker. He is also reputed to be leading a group of eight people under the Barcomb group and their common aim is to make goal based investment planning strategies. They endeavour to provide customised services to their clients and remain one of the most productive and successful groups in the financial services.

Getting to know how many years the said person has trained to attain the position of a financial advisor is also important, because the longer and deeper the training, the better are the chances of the concerned person being an able financial advisor.

Thus, you see, it is not the right approach to just hire any person as your financial advisor; only if you feel confident that the person is worth investing your trust upon after asking these questions, should you go ahead and recruit him for yourself.