If you believe that you own quality vintage jewelry and are thinking of selling it, there are steps that you can follow to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Many of the mistakes sellers make is due to a lack of knowledge about the piece as well as current market trends. Only going to a local pawn shop may not give you the best chance at a good price as they may not even know the true value of the vintage piece. Discovering the real value of your quality vintage jewelry can not only provide you with the correct selling price but help to find a new home for your precious jewelry where it can be appreciated.

Start by getting it appraised by a professional

In order to receive a proper appraisal, a trusted company should be found. A company that has many years of experience in buying vintage jewelry will be a wiser choice than one that buys gold by weight. A professional appraiser will understand the facets that can make a vintage piece into a masterpiece such as the designer and the appeal of it in the current market. If you feel that your jewelry might be worth more, shop around and visit several reputable appraisers to get a clearer image of what its value is.

Decide on a buyer

Selling quality vintage jewelry privately after getting it appraised might allow you to receive more money for it but this process usually takes longer and holds a higher risk. A private buyer has little to no insurance that the sale will go through unhindered. Reputable companies that buy vintage jewelry at fair prices are a safer place to sell to and they are usually willing to buy the piece straight away. Furthermore, with the advertising potential and the reputation a company has, they are in a better position to sell to the public and dealing with the risks involved.

If it is worth it, clean it

Once a vintage piece has been uncovered to be a quality item, it may be worth cleaning. This is something that should be discussed with the appraiser as it can just as well be better to leave it as is and have the company take on the cost of cleaning the piece. Seeking an experience vintage jewelry cleaner is recommended as improper cleaning products and methods can harm the jewelry.