In a world that is constantly changing, the office of today has come a long way in being a friendlier working environment than the office of the past. People from a bygone age would have a job recognising the modern and updated version of their species. In fact, they would be shocked how far it has come, from the stuffy unfriendly offices of the past. Much time and study has been put into making workplaces into user friendly surroundings for buildings and departments.

Getting it Right

The places we spend our time and live in certainly take part in shaping who we are and how we behave. Seeing that many people will spend years in the same room, building or even desk, surely it makes common sense to create an environment in which we feel comfy and not stressed. Good organisation and optimising that area positively, will improve what gets done there and how they do it, which is of major concern for all employers and employees alike. Companies such as Saracen Interiors are leading UK based professionals who can handle every aspect in Interior Office revamp, design and refurbishment.


Now this is where wisdom, science and logic comes into play and not what’s trendy and cool. Anybody can manage to gaze through various interior design publications, and select this and that on its looks. Or you can let science lead the way. Add wisdom and logic to that and you have a powerful combination.Over the years and up to most recently, studies are showing that simple techniques in office design, can make all the difference in how employees feel, and how it improves their productivity.

Workspace and How to Take Ownership of it

The plain act of staff making their own choices about how they would like to organise their work space has an enabling effect on all members and has been also been linked to improved productivity, once again.In a 2010 study regarding interior design in London, office workers were given the opportunity to arrange a small office with as many or as few plants and pictures as they desired. Amazingly, their outputwent up by 32 percent and certainly more productive than others who were not given such a choice. The employees furthermore identified more with their employer, a certain sign of increased commitment to the team, which was beneficial to all.

Doing the Right Thing

If you happen to be an office manager, this would suggest that you should give your staff as much input into the design of their office and work space as possible. Nowadays, more and more companies are even giving their employees a small amount of money to help furnish their surroundings. On the other hand, if you simply want to be creative in an open-plan office, experiment to find ways in making your immediate environment feel more to your satisfaction. Something as simple as a few plants or personal photos, pictures and messages,will help you feel that the space around you is yours, which can only be beneficial to your work. So, here’s hoping to a more happy and enhanced place of office habitat!