Movavi Video Editor can be used to import still pictures and video tracks which makes it ideal for creating a business slideshow presentation. You can load a whole folder of images or videos into the timeline without experience any lag. Adding a little bit of text onto your pictures can help you to illustrate the point you want to make to the audience in the presentation.

You should try to summarize your points into a short text of only a few words. Too much text will make the video presentation boring as people’s eyes are automatically tuned into pictures. Afterall, you will be doing a lot of talking while making a video presentation. Hence, there is no need to add too much text in the video presentation. It is an easy process to add text to video in Movavi Video Editor.

The T (text) button, when clicked, will expand and show many different title styles. The T button is the fourth button on the left menu bar. These title styles are designed to help you create a professional looking presentation. You can experiment with the different title styles, font color and font styles. To add a title style, you must select it and it will be added on the video clip. You must double click it to type in a word. You can play back the video to see if the text appears properly on the clip that you want it to display.

You can edit the color of the text so that it displays clearly in contrast to the background color. If you don’t know which font color works best with the background color, you can use the color contrast tool. To change the text color, you must click on the color picker icon on top. To allow the audience to read the text easily, you can choose font styles like Arial or Calibri. The text can be fully customized according to your needs such as alignment, fill color, outline color, bold, italic and etc.

Movavi Video Editor supports all the font styles that are installed on your computer. For presentation purpose, you want to choose a font size that is in between 24-32 points. The text that you add will display in the timeline. The text can be dragged to increase its length to cover further more clips so that it also show up on them. To delete a text, you simply select it in the timeline and press the trash icon on the toolbar.

In the video beginning, you can add the title of the video to let audience know what topic you are going to talk about in the presentation. At the end of the video, you can add a text like question to encourage your audience to ask questions. You can also include suggestions on what the audience can do to make use of the information you just discuss in the video presentation. You can use the text feature in Movavi Video Editor to add call of actions can be added at the end of the video.