• My uncle Nigel is a great photographer, he’ll do it!

Dear Uncle Nigel has all the gear, a huge camera bag with a host of very expensive lenses, flashguns, light metres and various mysterious articles of unknown purpose.

Under his arm he has a monster Manfrotto tripod, the very best that money can buy, with a ball-head and built in spirit level.

Hanging from one shoulder is his huge camera bag, from the other a smaller bag containing a spare camera body, memory cards, batteries, a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a sardine sandwich.

Uncle Nigel is destined to have a heart attack!

Fact is, Uncle Nigel is a really nice bloke, and indeed he has a good eye when it comes to composition; some of his 5am landscapes of the moor are simply stunning! But there’s no way I letting him near my daughter’s wedding nor am I going to employ him to cover my party’s conference in Brighton!

Truth is, he just doesn’t have the necessary specialist skills or knowledge that’ll able him to cope with these more high pressure commitments.

Conference photography requires specialist skills; skills that come from a grasp of essential camera techniques and, most of all, experience!

The message is, let’s all stick to what we do best!

  • Why are conference photographs so important?

You’ll need to hire a specialist conference photographer! Why?

Because the photographic record of your conference is so very, very important in the promotion of your cause; poor photographs could have a severely negative effect upon the psyche of company members and the general public.

Your conference is delivering an important message. You set high standards, and you’ll quite rightly expect high standards from the people you employ.

All the money spent on a conference can end up like dust in the wind … here and gone. Ensure that your conference lives long in the perception of others, employ a specialist conference photographer, he or she could well provide the PR boost you so badly need; a lasting historic record of an important moment never to be lost in time.

Finding an experienced photographer with all the appropriate skills in London can be a somewhat daunting task; there are so many photographers and more than a fair share of Uncle Nigel’s.

So, don’t waste valuable time and energy trawling the internet go straight to a company with all the right credentials … THE PHOTO TEAM, Event Photography Specialists.


THE PHOTO TEAM has a huge and impressive portfolio of clients. And that’s down to their professionalism and the all-important ‘experience’ factor within a specialist photographic field.

The team are based in London but can take on any corporate event anywhere in the country! Theirs is a five star operation.

Not all conferences/events are the same, THE PHOTO TEAM will listen to your requirements and concerns before establishing a suitable plan of action. They pride themselves on adaptability, innovative techniques and, ultimately, customer satisfaction!

So, should you be planning a conference, or any corporate event, then check out THE PHOTO TEAM website. Here you can contact the company direct for helpful discussion and sound advice.

Remember, every picture tells a story!