Using a dishwasher in a commercial environment such as a restaurant makes a lot of sense. With hundreds of dishes and plates being used throughout the course of the day, it’s always better to clean everything with the help of an automated machine. If you decide to hire employees to clean the plates by hand, it’s going to take much more time, and more importantly, will cost you a lot of money as well. Buying a commercial dishwasher is an excellent investment in most cases. These dishwashers are designed for heavy-duty cleaning purposes, and are made exclusively for use in commercial locations. While they do not suffer damage easily, the excessive usage can cause some components to break down from time to time.

Repairing a commercial dishwasher is not as easy as you might think. First of all, you need to consider the constraints involved in repairing the dishwasher on your own. The longer your dishwasher doesn’t work, the more it’s going to cost your company. On top of that, trying to repair the dishwasher on your own is not such a good idea, especially if you are going to follow a guide online or will experiment with the fix yourself. Commercial dishwashers are generally quite expensive, so it’s best if you leave such equipment in the hands of someone who has experience. There are several companies that offer commercial dishwasher repairs in Perth, along with repairing services for a number of other appliances. Here are just a few of the many problems you might encounter with your commercial dishwasher.

Too Noisy

Commercial dishwashers inherently make more noise than conventional, home-use dishwashers. However, if you feel that the noise of your dishwasher has increased by a few decibels, it might be time to call a professional to take a look. The additional noise can be caused by a variety of different things inside the dishwasher, such as the motor bushings, or the rattling of the pump housing. It could even be caused by a worn washer arm bearing, so you should definitely get it checked out. If you don’t, the noise will continue to increase until the dishwasher breaks down completely.


Dishwashers are basically housed systems that shouldn’t leak at all. If your dishwasher is leaking water from anywhere except the drain pipe, there can be several reasons for this issue. Some of the most common reasons include failed water inlet valves as well as worn pumps and door seals. If this is the issue, some of the components in your dishwasher will need to be replaced to ensure smooth functioning.

Won’t Start

If your dishwasher doesn’t start when you press the power button, it can be due to any number of reasons. First of all, the most common reason might be an issue with the door latch switch (dishwashers are designed never to start unless the door closes properly). Or, there could be other problems like an issue with the electronic controls, the timer, thermal fuses, or even the motor relays.

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