You need to keep your office stocked with a few essentials. These essentials are important since they are part of developing a working place conducive to productivity. When employees rate themselves are happier and more content with their jobs, they tend to stay at their jobs longer. Research has found that those who stay at their jobs longer are more productive. Therefore, if you can keep your employees satisfied with their jobs, they will be more productive and stay for longer periods of time. One of the ways to do that is with the refreshments you offer. The water cooler has become a shorthand for office interpersonal relationships, but that’s because there’s actual truth to it. Many people bring water bottles from home, but they still refill them at the water cooler. Throughout the course of the day, dozens of employees will meet at the water cooler to spend a few minutes talking to each other. The question you should be asking yourself is about the economics of a water cooler. Is it actually worth it for you and your office?


Water delivery will cost you a little bit of money up front, and you won’t see a direct return on your investment. Depending on what you produce at your office, it might be possible to quantify how much of an effect your water cooler is having. The best way to think about it is to consider how often your employees leave the office for other refreshments. For example, you might have employees who spend their lunch hour at a restaurant elsewhere. Many people, if they have fresh water available nearby, might actually stay in the office for lunch. If they stay in the office for lunch, they’re more likely to work during lunch or head back to their desks sooner.

Hot, Cool, and Cold

If you’re having water delivered to your business, it usually comes with two options. You can typically get hot, cool, or cold water in your water device. Cool typically defines water as room temperature, which is water most commonly used for cooking. Hot water is a little less useful for most businesses, but is appropriate in some cases. Cold water is typically used for drinking.

If you provide your employees with the opportunity to cook with clean, fresh water, they’ll be more likely to stay at their desks while they work. They will be more likely to cook their lunch in the office and work much more efficiently. Furthermore, the water cooler instantly creates a gathering place. Having such a gathering place available affects workplace culture.

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is how different employees work together. The culture of your workplace is just like any larger culture; it involves the shared values, beliefs, goals, and traditions of a group of people. They will need to work with one another and develop good interpersonal skills to make such a culture happen. A water cooler can help in that area. Essentially, you will likely not be able to quantify the economic impact of your water cooler; however, you can trust in a general sense that a water cooler will increase overall productivity.