There are several individuals who are inspiring examples for people to follow. They are not obsessed with just working 24 hours a day and neglecting their social needs. They manage to maintain a positive work-life balance that helps you enjoy life and live it to the fullest. In the USA, there is one such individual who runs a successful insurance company and is also an amazing family man-Charlie Brookins!

Charlie hails from Independence MN and manages Variant Insurance Group. This Group deals with advising people on their primary insurance needs. Charlie and his team help people in the region choose the right kind of insurance that will help them meet and match their future requires.CharlieBrookins and his team take great care to first understand the needs of his clients before he recommends the best insurance plans for them.

He says that the insurance needs of two people can never be the same. He advises his clients that when you are taking auto insurance, life, health or home insurance into account, it is very important for you to first understand your basic needs and requirements. Insurance is always a matter of discretion and you should never rush into it at all.

Charlie insists that all the terms and conditions of the policy document should be read completely. They should be understood well before you sign the dotted line. The fine print of the insurance policy document should also be read carefully. Many people often ignore this vital step and in the long run they suffer as there may be a clause or a term that is not agreeable to them. Charlie is a responsible person and always explains the terms and conditions to his clients in case of confusion. After they are satisfied, it is then only they sign on the dotted line!

Charlie’s company Variant Insurance Group has a very high reputed in Independence MN. He and his team are trained in the latest methods of insurance counseling and this is why they are famous for matching diverse insurance policies with the unique needs of their clients. The main objective of Charlie and his team is to provide quality insurance solutions to their clients round-the-clock.

When Charlie is not working, he loves spending time with his wife and four kids. He maintains that it is very important for you to always have a work-life balance for healthy living and peace. If you make work dominate your life, your soul inside will suffocate. Family and connection with loved ones is essential for blissful living and happiness.

Charlie Brookins is also fond of baseball and hockey. He is coach to his kids and loves teaching them. Sports and games make kids active mentally and physically. As a parent he emphasizes on the need of healthy sport routines for all kids so that they develop social and communication skills faster. Sports and games also enhance the mental faculties of a growing child and make them agile and alert. He loves spending his time with kids and is quite popular among them too!