Signs for fire prevention and safety are essential for fire protection. It helps people know do’s and don’ts in the event of an emergency. Safety signs should be located in as many areas including reception, stairways, corridors, communal areas, general office areas and factories, etc. A Safety Store’s range of fire safety sign should include signage for fire exits, fire action, fire assembly points and other related details.

Signs for fire prevention and safety are classified into categories according to the type of message they are deliberating to convey. Some of them are:

  • The Prohibition Sign: Symbol prohibiting an activity consists of a circular red band with a single diagonal bar falling from left to right at an angle of forty-five degrees. The backdrop ought to be white with the pictogram depicting the nature of the command in black. They are used to convey ‘Do Not’ type commands
  • The Warning Sign: Symbol, indicating warning of a certain hazard comprises of a black band in an equilateral triangle form. The background should be yellow with the pictogram indicating the type of hazard is centrally on the sign in black color. These signs are used to make everyone aware of a nearby danger
  • The Mandatory Sign: Symbol depicting compulsory requirements consists of a blue circle with pictogram in white centrally positioned. They are used to using to indicate actions that must be carried out mandatory in order to comply with statutory requirements.
  • The Safe Condition Sign: Safe condition symbols comprise of a green square or rectangle with the text or pictogram in white centrally positioned. These symbols should he used to indicate urgent exits escape routes, first aid equipment, emergency showers etc.
  • The Exit Sign: All doorways providing access to a means of escape other than exits should be provided with an exit symbol. If it is concluded that the risk is not significant then there is no need to install such signs. For example, a petite, single storey building with one clearly visible exit shouldn’t require a fire exit sign because it would be evident to staff that the one door is the only means of egress. However for the buildings with more complex layouts incorporating multiple exits will require fire exit signs, complete with directional arrows incase there is a considerable risk to individuals for not being able escape safely in the event of a fire.
  • The Fire Fighting Equipment Sign: This sign comprises of a red square or rectangle with a pictogram in white centrally positioned on the sign. These symbols are used to help identify the location of fire fighting equipment and fire alarm activation points. However, as far as possible, fire equipment should be placed where it is clearly visible.

Understanding signs for fire prevention and safety saves lives. Whether it’s in your own home, place of employment, education clear markings of essential fire hazards and safety equipment can save lives and prevent structural. Depending upon your place of residence or working, will dictate how much communication is needed.