When you are a parent you want to see your child succeed at whatever they end up doing. Some children grow up to become scientists or doctors, and some become just your average American citizen. Most parents would agree that as long as they don’t raise a criminal or a child that ends up living in their basement until they are 40, then they did a pretty good job. However, there are parents out there that demand success and apply incredible amounts of pressure, much to the dismay of the poor kid.

There are plenty of success stories out there about gifted children. They were simply born with a skill or talent and coasted through life to massive triumph. School lessons came easily to them and on test day they aced their exams while the rest of their classmates sweat it out in the trenches. Others needed constant reinforcement from outside influences like parents or friends to get them to their end goal. They work their butts off in order to make it to the top of their field. Besides brains, some children were lucky enough to be born with marvelous physical attributes and used them to become the finest athletes in the world. One such example is Lebron James. At the end of his high school career he was 6’8” 240 pounds and was considered a top recruit for basketball and football. Obviously, you know which one he chose. Despite his remarkable physical stature at the tender age of 18, he credits much of his success to his mother. She drove him to and from games and practices, encouraged him to play his hardest, and if it were around back then, she likely would have picked up some of these Groupon coupons for Eastbay to buy him his shoes, clothes, and other athletic gear. All of these things culminated into one extraordinary physical specimen that may end up going down as the greatest basketball player of all time.

The moral of this story is parents should always encourage their child to stick with what they are good at. If they didn’t, Michael Jordan could have ended up as a public accountant instead of a basketball player. What a sad world that would be.