As a job seeker, this has happened to many of us. You’ve got the chance to be interviewed by an employer you would love to work for and as you are working through the hiring process you feel more enthusiastic and interested as you discover more about the opportunity. Every interaction with the recruiting team of the company instills the belief that it’s the ideal job for you. Then the day comes when you are offered the position! You want to get started at the earliest but then comes the silence – sometimes for a few weeks.

Running into radio silence when you are ready and enthusiastic to join your new employer after being given the job offer doesn’t create a great impression. Even for the employer, an abrupt silence like this can adversely affect the company’s goodwill and kill the enthusiasm among potential jobseekers planning to send in their job applications. Additionally, it will kill all the momentum and turn an enthusiastic candidate into a disinterested and disengaged employee before they even start. This is where e-recruitment software can help.

Though there are several solutions for each step of the recruiting process like ATS recruitment and direct recruitment solutions, many of which integrate well with one another, they aren’t the same as an all-in-one e-recruitment solution. If you are still unsure about whether to invest in integrated recruitment software, here are the benefits it could bring your way if you decide to go ahead:

1. Keeping everyone in the organization well informed: A new employee is doing a lot more than joining a department; they’re going to become a part of the entire organization. With smooth integration of new hires into the organization with easy flowing information, it becomes easier for them to settle down and become engaged, productive members. Thanks to the quick flow of information, fully integrated e-recruitment solutions help people focus on more important areas like better employee engagement.

2. Making your entire process of recruitment more efficient: Consider the process to hire as a recruiting funnel where your aim is to get the right talent on board. To find potential candidates, you need to raise awareness of your vacant posts. From having a wide talent pool to sourcing candidates to onboarding them and helping them get settled in their jobs, you can exercise better control on every stage with a fully integrated e-recruitment system. Direct Recruitment software also ensures that no momentum is lost as a candidate moves forward from the recruitment team onto the HR team. With an integrated e-recruitment solution, a recruiter can track the new employee’s progress and ensure the vision they sold them on is executed, while the HR team would find it easy to build rapport with the new hire and develop a relationship early on in the interviewing process that would help bridge the gap between candidate and new employee.

3. Ensuring recruitment is seamless: By automating several operational and tactical tasks, completely integrated e-recruitment solutions make your recruitment fast and efficient. For example, the operational task of ensuring all your third-party integrations and apps work properly is handled by such solutions without needing any manual intervention on your part. When you have direct recruitment software in place, you no longer need to worry or double-check if your API functions properly or there’s data loss while transitioning from one software solution to another. This way, you can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Some fully integrated e-recruitment solutions even offer critical recruiting data to talent acquisition and HR teams, which they can leverage. This data and insight can then be used by talent acquisition and HR teams to fine tune their strategies.

4. Ensuring an improved experience for candidates: Just think of the hiring process from the candidate’s point of view; when they have to deal with a single recruitment system rather than 2-3 different ones. In short this creates a better experience for your new employees facilitating a smoother onboarding process.

We hope this highlights some of the key benefits a comprehensive recruitment solution can contribute to your business.