Most people who buy a plot of land want to build on it. A lot of people decide to go through GCs (general contractors) although there are a lot of people who decide they want to build the homes themselves. For those looking to build their homes or the building themselves, there are a lot of options they can take. A majority of them settle for a contractor in a smaller capacity, or dealing directly with a subcontractor who does the physical field work. As builder fees vary, it is still usually cheaper than a GC company.

There are several subcontractors when it comes to building homes that deal directly with the homeowner and work with them to build the design they have. If you are interested in being an owner-builder but cannot or do not want to handle the physical labor of building the home itself, it is recommended for them to contact these subcontractors so they can have full access and say on the construction of their homes.

Some of the key things to remember when hiring a subcontractor company to build a home is to look as see if they are willing to work with owner-builders in terms of financial, aesthetic and lifestyle needs. If a subcontracting company is not interested in working with an owner-builder in those regards it does not disqualify that company, however for the needs it may be best to look elsewhere. Several sub-contractors have a set build style for an allotted land size or a location due to building codes or anything else, making sure a subcontractor is working with a home-builder to ensure that their needs are being balanced with necessity is important.

Working with a subcontractor towards a set time table is key, if the subcontractor is not willing to set a deadline it could indicate a potentially higher cost. Along with the time-frame of a subcontractor and owner-builder it is vital that the subcontractor work alongside building codes, standards and specifications. If these are not met during construction, it could lead to both wasted time and money. Ensuring the sub-contractor understands this and is willing to work this into the wants of the owner-builder is essential.

Finally owner-builders who chooses to subcontract should make sure they receive complete permits, construction documentation and whatever paperwork is necessary. Without it, it may not be a livable habitat and could be condemned.

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