Power is converted to potential energy and stored in the form of compressed air by a device. This device is known as the air compressor. The basic work of an air compressor is to keep on accumulating air in a tank by increasing the pressure gradually. When the tank reaches its saturation point, the compressor shuts down leaving the air compressed in the tank till further use.

Air compressors are of various types but they are broadly classified as Positive Displacement Type and Dynamic Type. A Positive Displacement Air compressor is one by which a fixed volume of air is reduced by mechanical displacement. If the compressor is operated at a fixed speed then a constant volume can be obtained. The load conditions of the system determine the amount of pressure discharged. The compressor works on a load condition when the consumption of air is more, leading to a fall in the pressure below the cut-off point.

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A Positive Displacement Air Compressor can be further classified into two types, namely, Reciprocating Air Compressor and Rotary Air Compressor. In the first type the air is compressed by the to and fro movement of a piston inside the cylinder while in the second type air is compressed by inter meshing of two rotors. The latter type of compressor has two different types: Rotary Screw Compressor and Rotary Vane compressor.

The working of a Rotary Screw compressor differs from the Rotary Vane compressor in its working. While in the Screw compressor the air is compressed with the help of two rotating screws, the air in a Vane compressor is compressed with movable rotor blades.

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Unlike the positive displacement air compressor, the Dynamic Type air compressor imparts velocity to the air. This is made possible by the high speed rotating impellers inside the casing; as a result the air is gradually reduced in volume.

This type of compressor can again be divide into three major types, they are: Axial Flow, Roots Blower and Centrifugal Air compressors. These three particularly vary in the way they compress air. After having gained an understanding about the multiple types of air compressors, it should not be a difficult decision for you to incorporate the use of an air compressor either in your office or at home, understand your need and choose your air compressor accordingly.