Considering taking the plunge into the world of affiliate marketing? If any of these things apply to you, it’s probably a wise decision! Open the door to new opportunities, new skills and new connections.

You Can Earn Money Without Selling Anything

For those looking to make money as an affiliate, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Promoting CPL (cost per lead) affiliate programmes, allows you to generate commission without actually having to sell anything. Typically you are required to generate email or phone contact sign-ups to a third party. For example, encouraging people to sign-up for a free competition. For every person you can sign-up, you earn a set amount of commission. There are hundreds of UK CPL affiliate programmes just waiting to be promoted to a relevant audience.

You Want to Monetise Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is ideal for monetising a website or blog that is already receiving traffic. No matter what type of blog you own, there is an affiliate programme that could work for you. Do you consider you or your brand to be influential on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Wherever you have access to people online, you have an opportunity to make money.

You Want a Flexible Lifestyle

Being an affiliate marketer means you choose when you work and when you don’t. You set your own working hours and as a result, you have a much better work-life balance. For many, flexibility within a career tends to be more important than salary. If you can have the ultimate flexibility and an uncapped earning potential, you are certainly winning the game of life!

You Want the Ability to Work from Anywhere

Don’t assume you will be stuck in your office all day either. You have the ability to work from absolutely anywhere in the world, provided there is wifi of course. Travelling, for many, is the ultimate dream. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to explore the world and earn a living at the same time.

You Want a Second Income

A huge number of people enter the world of performance marketing because they simply want to start generating a second income. Many who enter the industry in this way, soon find they can further maximise their earnings. For some, their earnings can provide long-term financial security where a job might not. For others, affiliate marketing remains just a small part of their life, helping towards ever-increasing living costs.

You’re Looking For a New Hobby

Another category of successful affiliates sits under the ‘hobby’ option. Things that start out as a hobby and lead to a career are amongst the most rewarding careers an individual can pursue. If your primary focus isn’t money or a career change, then affiliate marketing can also make for a brilliant pastime. You learn new skills and you make new connections.

Some of those things probably sound too good to be true, right? Uncapped earnings, travelling the world and feeling financially secure. Surely not? All of the things mentioned here are achievable, but, all of them require hard work and commitment. Like anything in life, the reward is greater when your input is increased. Affiliate marketing is not a recipe to get rich quick. The vast majority of affiliate marketers use it to supplement their income and don’t really take it to the next level. Once you’ve found the ropes and you start to make your first commissions, it’s really up to you and the level of commitment you put it, as to where affiliate marketing takes you.